Foxybae Hair Straightening Brush Review

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Foxybae Hair Straightening Brush

1 – Overview

Straight and smooth hair is the dream of every woman. Who doesn’t like silky straight hair? I bet everyone does. Of course, curls are in, but straight hair will forever be in the trend. Curls, waves or frizzy hair are very difficult to straighten. There are so many hair straightening machines available in the market, and 99% of them spoil the quality of the hair.

No matter how expensive these machines are, I’m sure you’re afraid of using them because they can damage the shine and quality of hair. So if machines are not that safe, what should we actually use? Well, we have an option that lets us do worry-free styling – Foxybae Hair Ceramic Tourmaline Straightening Brush.

2 – What is Foxybae Hair Ceramic Tourmaline Straightening Brush?

Foxybae Hair Ceramic Tourmaline Straightening Brush effortlessly brings life to your hair. This amazing brush brushes your curls, wavy or frizzy hair and gives your sleek and shiny looking hair. It is quick and easy to use and you’ll feel foxy in no time. This brush has some of the most unique properties that you might have never heard or seen before. It protects the outer layer of your hair and also increases the volume of your hair without damaging it. Isn’t that great?

3 – How does it look like?

Foxybae Hair Straightening Brush comes in a sophisticated designer black rectangular box. Rose gold borders make the box look so high standard that you’ll be on cloud 9 when you receive it. The brush is thick and fine, which very easy for you to hold. The material is really good and again – SOPHISTICATED. The brush is extremely easy to hold and the buttons and plugs are quite great too. You’re not at risk of getting an electric shock at all! The hairbrush bristles are just astonishingly amazing. You’ll be amazed to see how well they work. With just one or two strokes, the sophisticated brush does its work without hassles.

4 – How does it work?

The brush heats quickly and purely from within, permeating hair with 20 times more negative ion therapy, which is scientifically proven to condition your hair while straightening. It gives shine to your hair which looks as good as a smoothie. The flyaway strands and frizzy strands will become normal and your hair will look gorgeous. Heating up to safe 185-degree centigrades or 365-degree Fahrenheit in mere seconds will give your hair the look that you’ve been longing for. Simply brush your hair to distribute the heat and straighten without damaging your tresses in the process.

Foxybae Hair Straightening Brush reviews

5 – How is it a straightener + shinier?

Many people use the cheap hair straightening machines and see that their hair remains straight for only a few hours. Also, the natural shine of the hair is gone. In some cases, hair looks excessively oily. However, that’s not the case with the Foxybae Hair Straightening Brush. The tourmaline technology produces negative ions that combine with infrared properties, delivering silkier, straighter locks in just one smooth glide. It’s good to know that we still have some products in the cosmetic world that are made with some scientific logic behind it. Thus, by using Foxybae, you can get straighter and shinier hair.

6 – Will it damage my hair?

Of course not! It has a lot of moisture content it. It locks the moisture from within and reduces the frizz too. With Foxybae, you can lay your worries at rest. Nothing wrong will happen to your hair because it is a brush and not a machine. It goes through each and every hair and straightens it. Unlike other products, Foxybae doesn’t burn the hair.

7 – Do I have options to style my hair?

Yes, you do have numerous options. The Brush comes with a temperature control option. You can control the amount of heat you want to straighten your hair with. When you have options to control the temperature of heating your hair, you can simply straighten your hair at ease. No complications! You have simple buttons, that are easy-to-understand and you can have a long lasting result. The straightening done by heat control can last really long and is safe too as it doesn’t damage your hair.

8 – Will my hair become dry after washing?

No, the quality of your hair will improve after using this straightener because it is made with the nanotechnology. It works to prevent the bacterial growth while heating your hair. That’s how you can have cleaner tresses. Also, as it keeps the moisture of your hair retained, you don’t have to worry about the dryness. The natural quality of your hair will remain as it is. Post washing your hair, you’ll see your hair normal again. You can safely straighten your hair after washing too.

Foxybae Hair Straightening

9 – Is it easy to use?

Yes, it is. I know many straighteners have bad effects. Some of these straighteners don’t even have a long wire, due to which you have to stretch your hair strands to reach the straightener and half of the damage is done then and there itself. It’s not the same with Foxybae Hair Straightening Brush. It has a 360-degree Swivel Cord which is considered as the professional-length wire. This gives you the flexibility to move the brush and you can enjoy the worry-free styling.

10 – Are the reviews good?

Here! Have a look at what some of the users say about Foxybae Hair Ceramic Tourmaline Straightening Brush.

“I’m seeing miracles happening with this brush! The tourmaline adds that extra shine… you get more volume in your hair and it’s so easy to use.”

“This is one of my go-to hair products. It’s way less damaging and quicker… Using the right tools is number 1 in keeping your hair healthy.”

“Talk about a hair formation! Loved using this hair straightening brush from Foxybae. Seriously left my hair so soft and shiny!”

“Great brush for thick, curly and wavy hair!”

“It is so much easier to use!”

I’m sure you’ll write a review for how much you loved this product once you try it.

Foxybae Hair Straightening Brush review

11 – How much does it cost?

This amazingly effective Hair Ceramic Tourmaline Straightening Brush from Foxybae costs $149.95 only!

You can also pay it in 4 installments of $37.48 today.

You have an option to choose from the US and the UK plugs. You can place your order now and get it shipped to you for free. You may not find this product at any retail outlet. 

Overall, I’ve personally used this product from Foxybae and I can’t explain it in words how much I loved it. It works super well and I have absolutely no complaints. My hair looks and feels so great as if I’ve just had a spa done. I would surely recommend you to use this.

Try it once and see the wonders that Foxybae Hair Ceramic Tourmaline Straightening Brush can do.

Foxybae Hair Straightening Brush

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